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Welcome to Devir

Founded in Brazil in 1987, the Devir group looked to establish roots in the imaginative universes of fiction and fantasy, offering products that involve wits, knowledge, art, and social interaction. Beyond information, culture, and fun, these products keep the strength of dreams clear and alive in all of us. More »

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Without imagination, we have no future!

Our history

Since 1987 we are working to bring imagination and happyness to our world.

  1. 1987

    The beginning...

    Devir is created by former Unisys Computer Engineers

  2. 1988

    Distribution of American Comic Books in Brazil

  3. 1991

    GURPS, first book published

  4. 1994

    Deal to publish Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game

  5. 1996

    Office in Portugal

  6. 1998

    Contract to publish Dungeons and Dragons and first comics

  7. 1999

    Marvel License Contract for Portugal

    Portuguese Language Pokémon Distribution Contract

  8. 2000

    Office in Spain

  9. 2001

    January 19th, 2015

    First DC book published in Portugal

  10. 2002

    Secure rights for Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne starting the Boardgame business category

  11. 2004

    Office in the US targeting Latin America

  12. 2007

    Office in Chile

  13. 2009

    Konami agreement for Yu-Gi-Oh! exclusive distribution

  14. 2012

    Office in Mexico

  15. 2013

    Milestone of 100.000 Boardgames sold in Spain in one year

  16. 2015

    Office in Italy

  17. 2017

    Office in Colombia

Our Games




Fanhunter: Urban Warfare

Fanhunter: Assault


The Color Monster

Barcelona: The Rose of Fire

Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft


Checkpoint Charlie

Dragones y Gallinas


Miguel Strogoff

Dungeon Raiders


These are some examples of the games and books we publish.


Books: Comics, Manga & Graphics Novels

Books: RPG


These are some of the companies of which we distribute their games.